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Established by Mauli Enterprises in 2020 JALSAA has spearheaded South Indian and Mumbai food to newer heights in Junagadh city. 

JALSAA has now become one of the most desired restaurants for satiating South Indian Food hunger, for celebrities and families alike of Junagadh.

Being the first Home Kitchen in Junagadh to serve authentic and traditional South Indian and Maharashtrian food, we occupy a special place for ourselves and our cuisine in the hearts of our customers.

Since our humble beginning in the late 2020’s, whence serving only a few dishes, one of the most important being Malai Dosa, Misal Pav, which many of our guests still remember devouring in our premium food van at Zanzarda Road, Junagadh; We now have expanded JALSAA and proudly begins with prime air conditioned restaurants at Sudarshan, Opp. Gayatri School, Zanzarda Road in Junagadh



Gadla Dosa is a traditional recipe from Konkan region of Maharashtra, they are soft, thick and mouth melting rice crepes served with coconut chutney and a delicious mixed vegetable sambar or potato bhaji


Special iteam which contains mixed of potato masala with sambhar and chutneys and ready to eat with additional sambhar and chutney if needed


Misal pav is a popular Mumbai street food of usal (sprouts curry) topped with onions, tomatoes, farsan (fried savory mixture), lemon juice and served with pav.


Idli Sambar at Jalsaa is a hearty, satisfying, comforting and a healthy meal of soft fluffy idlis served with savory, spiced and lightly tangy sambar – a vegetable stew made with lentils and assorted vegetables. It is a winning combination made for each other.


Medu Vada are crispy, fluffy, soft and delicious lentil fritters from the South Indian cuisine. If sweet breakfast isn’t your thing, try this recipe for savory spiced donuts made with black gram lentils and aromatic spices. Traditionally paired with Sambar and Coconut Chutney, these make for a comforting, filling and satisfying breakfast or snack.

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